Video Series

Video Series

Build your brand with multiple videos

What is video series, & why use one?

We view business video series as a set of informative videos created with equivalent end goal in mind. Usually three or more videos, they are designed to have universal appeal to customers & non customers alike.

We love to tell our clients’ stories & we specially love storytelling opportunities that business video series can provide. It is an opportunity to push beyond strictly selling a service or a product. Business video series offers a unique opportunity to attach with a wider audience, helping them to understand complex topics better within your industry, & encourage them to interact with your brand or company. In other words, a series will be a valuable tool to create your brand.

Check out some of our video series examples


Product Commercial Film




Explainer Video


Explainer Video

When & how to use a video series?

Often times, video series is made after testimonial videos, explainer or sales videos, & other tutorial content has been well established.

It is important to roll out your business video series through channels where you expect repeat traffic. That way, series is consumed consistently by an identical audience.

Publish your series via social during key business initiative & add value to the followers. For instance, share video series on the way to properly file your taxes during the first quarter of the year. Or include the videos a separate website, on your blog, & add more content around that topic. We frequently advise clients to post their business video series to YouTube. It is a wise way to keep the narrative intact. The platform allows you to group videos into a selected series then autoplay from one episode to subsequent .

How does Creativaties create a video series?

The process for a business video series begins like many of our other productions, except that we speak to the content at a higher level. While pitching visual styles or concepts, we take into account how scalable the potential approaches are. That way, we are developing strategic, creative ideas that are very executable.

The process for business video series begins like many of our other productions, except that we speak to content at the next level. While pitching visual styles or concepts , we take under consideration how scalable the potential approaches are. That way, we are developing creative & strategic ideas that are very executable.

From there, we take rather staggered approach from episode to episode throughout production process. This often implies that each subsequent episode is separated one stage from its predecessor. As an example, if  primary episode of the business video series in animation, second episode would likely be a la mode frames & episode three would be in storyboards. This approach allows us to release videos on a rolling basis, ensuring that we are staying on schedule while still committing the correct amount of energy to every episode.

How to measure success for a video series?

Tracking key view engagement numbers (likes, views, comments), you'll compare your video series’ performance against the other content published on identical channels.

How much does a video series cost?

A video series typically costs between $1,000 – $13,000 per episode counting on the concept. That features developing concept, writing script, creating required assets, & adding motion. For an eight episode video series, you are watching around $8,000 – $60,000.

How long does a video series take to produce?

The production timeline of video series depends on amount of episodes that you are looking to supply . The primary episode often takes 2-8 weeks, with subsequent episodes rolling out 1-3 weeks from there.

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