Internal Communications Videos

Internal Communications Videos

Keeping your people informed with the videos

What are internal communications videos, & why use them?

In our 8+ years making video, it is been great to visualize how structure of organizations have changed to reflect the evolving digital world. Work from home policies are on the increase , some companies utilize a completely remote workforce, and global expansion is feasible for even the littlest startups.

However, this New Look workforce makes it difficult to make sure that each one of your employees, members, or contractors are on a similar page. Sure you’ll be able to send a newsletter or send some messages on Slack, but it’s tough to inform who is connecting with the content.

That is where internal communication videos are available . They are an excellent way to align your people through engaging, important, and bite-sized video content. Also, provided that you’ll be able to track what percentage people are watching the content & even who) you’ll have insights into what topics are resonating and what ones are falling flat.

When & how should I use an internal communications video?

Whenever you would like to roll out mass communication to a whole company or department, it is an honest idea to think about putting that content into an indoor comms video.

We have seen them replace on-boarding handbooks, company-wide emails, departmental intranet posts, because these are typically wide-reaching efforts. As is true with tons of internal communication, it is important that these messages come directly from the top & management is behind the distribution (&, hopefully, production) of them.

What are the characteristics of an internal communications video?

How does Creativaties create an internal communications video?

We find it very important to approach content in a very similar fashion thereto of our academic video content, where we will dive into understanding the topic matter you are trying to induce across, who are going to be benefiting it & how. That is where you come in! Luckily, you will get to understand this audience quite well since it is your own people and you will even give us a decent understanding of how they will consume the video content (laptops, on lunch break, etc.)

A lot of times we discover it beneficial to pick certain members of your team to be featured within the video so as to assist personalize the experience and find people excited about the production. This also allows us to make more videos at a lower cost per video (yippee!). We’ve typically animated more dense subjects that require a visual aid to communicate the content clearly.

How to measure success for an internal communications video?

By tracking views & engagement, you'll see what your people are most excited to find out about & what percentage of them have watched it.

How much does an internal communications video cost?

An internal communications video series typically costs between $1,000 – $15,000 per episode counting on the design (live action, animation, testimonial).

How long does an internal communications video take to develop?

An internal communications video often takes 2-8 weeks, with production typically moving a touch faster than videos that are external facing.

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