Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production is a relatively easy way to help build develop brand identity, consumer trust, explain complex products, train staff, & much more.

Why is corporate video production important?

With corporate video productions & viewership on increase, more business executives are beginning to consider videos as necessity in their marketing plan, & their day to day operations. A recent study from Forbes stated 75% of business executives watch work related videos on business websites minimum of once every week. So, simply because you are a B2B business does not mean you’ve got to stay to the old methods of white papers & webinars to succeed in your audience . Tons goes into these video productions & that they can take a spread of shapes, so here is a touch more about how we tackle them.

What is the corporate video production process?

    • Corporate video production flows in a step-by-step process:


  • Pre-production:  Developing a budget, brainstorming an idea , and eventually writing a script (or script outline). If voiceover is required, it’s often recorded before jumping into production.
  • Production: Once a method is decided , a storyboard is made to layout the scene by scene actions. From there, the method is decided by the design.
    • Live Action: Production for live action videos include setting shoot location, hiring talent (if needed), & filming with a professional camera and lighting crew.
    • Animation: Production for animated videos include developing illustrations assets supported pre-determined style & storyboard, then animating them in After Effects.
  • Post-production: Once company video is produced, the post-production phase includes any editing required, adding finishing touches like additional on-screen graphics, & sound design.

What are the common types of corporate video production?

Now you understand a basic outline of corporate video production process, let us take a look at the latest & most popular styles of corporate video.

Testimonial Corporate Video Production

Live action client testimonial videos are used to build consumer trust, & highlight the personality of a business. Business testimonial videos allows user to go behind the scenes, talk about firm’s history, highlight brand’s unique personality.

In the testimonial video for Meraki Go, satisfied customer explains Meraki Go’s technology has helped his businesses efficiency.

Animated Corporate Video Production

There is a standard misconception that animated videos are just for kids, or adults who act like kids. We are here to line the record straight. While it is true that youngsters love cartoons, medium of animation does not need to be confined to Disney channel. An animated corporate video can actually be an excellent tool for your business to elucidate complex ideas, services & tools. And do not worry, those C-level execs will like it too!

IBM explains their data-driven video services to consumers using during this animated corporate video. We found that tons of companies wish to make animation their first official corporate video production then scale their efforts up from there.

Live Action Corporate Video Production

Live action video is great for businesses who have tangible product that they need to share with the audience. As against testimonial video style, live action videos often tell fictional story, or demonstrate standard scenario surrounding product..

BlueVine explains that their invoice factoring system during this live action corporate video

Corporate Communications Video Production

Your corporation is filled with people. Those individuals can be spread out across multiple floors, cities, countries. That is why we have recently seen an increase in internal communications videos because it pertains to our corporate video productions. These productions are produced with intent to only be seen by employees or contractors of your business, to induce everyone on identical page quickly.

These corporate video productions are initiated by the human resources, executive team, or departmental managers – anyone that desires to make sure they are clearly communicating company policies & procedures during a very direct, clear way. This video for National Council of State Boards of Nursing communicates recent changes to nursing law through transparent & efficient animation.

Corporate Recruiting Video

A corporate recruiting video is an excellent way to promote your company’s brand, showcase company’s culture, & encourage candidates to apply it. Corporate recruiting videos are produced with intent of giving potential employees a flavour of what your company is all about & achieving your talent acquisition goals.

Hireology showcased their vibrant company culture & supportive, innovative work environment in the corporate recruiting video.

Corporate Video Series

Corporate video series is the collection of informative videos created with an identical end goal in mind. Traditionally 3 or more videos, they are designed to have a universal appeal to customers & non-customers alike. A business video series offers a novel opportunity to assist your audience better to understand complex topics within your industry, & encourage them to interact with your company. In other words, a series could be a valuable tool to create your brand. If possible, it’s best to run these corporate video productions concurrently so that you’ll be able to roll out new episodes on more timely schedule.

In this video series for GEICO, we created series of educational explainer animations for the car owners who need to deal with the claim filing process.

Corporate Brand Anthem Video

Often when people consider the word “corporate” they’ll consider a stuffy office or long meetings crammed with many bored people. That is why we have seen more people make brand anthems a section of their corporate video production strategy. These videos are often meant to psych up what they represent, who they are, & provide some depth to their brand. Also, they’re a number of more fun video productions for us to work on. Make it snappy. Make it pop. Change the way you & your audience think about corporate video productions with a solid brand anthem video, just like one we created for Microsoft.

But what type of corporate video production is right for you?

Phew! That sure are a lot of corporate video production options to think about and if you’re just getting started, it can feel like plenty. For any external-facing content, perhaps this infographic can help distill the kind of content you ought to be making, then you’ll better choose the design . If you identify where you would like to reach your customers in their buying journey, you’ll be able to trace that back to the foremost applicable kind of corporate video production and understand the investment of resources (time, money, etc.) it’s going to take. If you’re trying to find more guidance, feel free to drop a line and we’re happy to steer through our discovery process to assist you to find out where to start .

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