Commercial Video Production

Commercial Video Production

YouTube pre-roll ads, TV spots, Facebook video ads, & more

What are commercial video ads & why use them?

A video advertisement like those you see on TV or the web is always a short & crisp (60 sec or less, but ideally 30 sec) branding oriented video that promotes your brand, product, company or service. A commercial video is inherently high level & will not explain the details of what you are doing and the way you are doing it, like an explainer video would.

An advertisement is supposed to grab attention, garner audience’s interest, & get people excited about what you are doing . It is a teaser designed to attract potential customers. If you are functioning on online only content, we expect a digital advertising campaign is one among the most effective ways to actually spread your brand message and also make the foremost of your commercial video production efforts.

When & how yo take advantage of video advertising?

A video ad must be used at the top of the marketing funnel. They are most useful for generating awareness & excitement for a service or product. We recommend foregoing television, & posting your advertisement on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & other social media channels within the form of digital advertising campaign. Keep in mind to induce traction, you will likely need to invest some marketing dollars to market your spot. Do not expect an overnight viral sensation.

What does commercial video production look like?

How does Creativaties create concept for an advertisement?

Coming up with an idea for a commercial video production spot is an exciting job that we love to do around here. An advertisement has one purpose, & that is to make people excited about your service or product which means our team must get excited too & develop creative ideas that grab attention & resonate together with your audience. It initiates with experiencing the service or product first-hand, truly understanding client’s market & customers, & developing fresh, creative concepts that balance creative & strategy.

Live Action or animation for your commercial video production?

Ah, age-old question. Spoiler: we do not have a particular answer. We have worked across a range of designs for our commercial video productions & ultimately the production approach question is one that we chat through with our client. Discussing everything from budget & scope (live-action is usually costlier for one video but perhaps not for a multi-video campaign), to brand voice, to where videos are going to be promoted, & plenty of more points. We frequently think the most effective exercise is to poke around the internet & see what sort of production feels most aligned together with your brand & vision.

How to measure success for a commercial video production?

Unlike the most video content, view count is one among the leading indicators of success when it comes to the commercials. If nobody is seeing it, advertisement does not have an opportunity to do it’s intended job. Like we mentioned earlier, getting big number of views may require allocating some dollars towards promoting the spot. Once views are up, keep an eye fixed on engagement to ascertain what proportion of your ad people are watching. For a brief 15-30 second spot, engagement rates must be around 80%-90%.

How much does a commercial video production cost?

Depending upon the design & complexity, commercial video production typically costs between $3,000-$45,000. Budget factors include: length of video, style & complexity of video, licensing fees for music and talent, where you anticipate spot airing, etc. If you are working on a series of videos for your commercial advertising campaign, per video price could also be reduced as you increase amount of videos therein the production cycle.

How long does a commercial video takes to produce?

Video ads are meant to grab viewer's attention, that always means overtime for commercial video productions. For instance, our spot for CertainTEED required 3D characters & environments, while ClubWPT had a live shoot + 3D animation done in post. All of those things take time, but you'll plan for 4-12 weeks.

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