Branded Videos

Branded Videos

Using videos to engage your fans

What is branded video content & why use it?

Branded video content is a way of advancing a particular message/mission while keeping your company in background. Branded video content must be entertaining, authentic, usually under 50-60 seconds, & target the core audience.

Unlike traditional ads, branded videos do not sell anything, in fact, most of the content doesn’t even mention the brand in any respect. Instead, branded video content helps to humanize your business by connecting viewers emotionally & strengthening your brand’s voice.

When & how to use branded video content?

Branded video content can serve variety of purposes, & usually is employed to educate or entertain audience. These videos are an excellent way to get eye of potential new customers on YouTube, Facebook or other social media platforms, because you are not serving them a significant handed sales talk. Branded content is additionally an excellent way to connect with a robust, core customer base by reminding them of your offerings & capabilities in an enticing way. TLDR, use branded videos when you want to assemble awareness & make connections with new & current customers. Think about using branded video content during a series format when you want to go more in-depth on a subject but still want to keep the individual videos short, as a part of a PR campaign, or for ongoing social media engagement.

What are characteristics a great piece of branded video content?

How does Creativaties create concept for branded video content?

Creativaties creates an idea for banded video content by firstly fully understanding message we are conveying & why it is important for your audience. If the subject we are exploring has been discussed in the industry publications,, blog, or other videos, we will dive in head first to completely comprehend the content.

From there, we will find engaging ways to package the message, whether it is simple or complex, into the proper concept in order that it will better connects together with your audience. We also take into consideration where the branded video content is going to be distributed so that we will properly create certain production & style elements for the project.

How to you measure success of branded video content?

Measuring the success for branded content is reflected in high level marketing metrics. Since this is not a sales material which meant to drive conversions, it is better to consider the overall impressions. Within video world, these figures include views, comments, & social shares.

How much does branded content cost?

Depending upon the design , length, & usage, branded video content typically costs between $2,000-$20,000 (a wide array, we know). However, the cost increases if a long term video campaign is a component of content strategy.

How long does branded content take to create?

Branded video production usually takes 3-12 weeks. We frequently strategize for, & recommend, branded content campaigns that are easy to develop & repose on over the future. This might include gathering all of the live action video footage during few days & editing that content to be used in separate videos, or cutting varying lengths of an equivalent video to be used across different outlets.

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