What are animated explainer movie and why use them?

An explainer movie (also referred to as a homepage, conversion  or overview movie ) is meant to elucidate your company, service, product or subject in a way that the audience can understand in 2 minutes or min.30 sec. Most explainer video production companies cover 4 key points: the problem, the solution, the features & benefits, the way the solution works.

The key to a solid (min.30 sec explainer video) is keeping it short interesting & engaging, while still conveying the correct information. Regardless of what you’re explaining, an translator film should leave your viewers with a transparent understanding of what you are doing & a desire to take succeeding step

When and how should i take advantage of an explainer movie?

Explainer movie are used towards the top of the consideration phase(funnel). They are the most useful when a possible customer is aware of their need/problem & beginning to check out potential solutions. Places to place your translator film  : homepages, newsletters, product or service pages, trade shows, & sales meetings.

What are some characteristics of a great explainer promotional film ?

How does Creativaties create a concept for an explainer movie?

In our animated explainer video company, It all starts with the discovery – understanding the corporate, service, product, or subject we are trying to elucidate . Once we’ve a decent handle on things, our top experts meet as a team (that’s right, the entire team), to brainstorm creative ways to present & explain the content of min.30 sec. This involves throwing out many ideas, good & bad, before landing on a few to refine & ultimately pitch. Sometimes in our explainer video production company we use a framework, use case or sort of a metaphor, to elucidate what you do. In other cases, it’ll be a novel visual approach that drives the message home.

A good translator movie concept must balance creative & strategy. The creative is required to interact the viewer & provides them a reason to care about watching your promotional film. The strategy is required to make sure you deliver a message that resonates with your viewers & motivates them to take the desired action.


The success or failure of an explainer film (min.30 sec) depends on more than just view count. While the views are great, they do not tell the entire story. You should also be observing engagement (how much of the film do viewers actually watch?) & conversions (do viewers take the required action after watching the film?). Like every marketing effort, we recommend having top goals & how to trace them in situ before you begin .

How much money does an explainer film cost?

In animated explainer video company its Depends on length, style & complexity, most of the high end explainers we work on currently run within the $800–$15,000 range for animation, & therefore $2,000-25,000 range for live action. You will likely find that top prices vary greatly from company to company, So take some time , do your homework, & find a team that matches your brand & will deliver on budget, timeline, and top quality.

How long does an explainer film production take?

Normal production in our company schedule for an animated explainer film is anywhere from 2-10 weeks, which doesn't include the time required to gather feedback & make revisions. A full timeline may range from 3-12 weeks. The live action explainer video have many more moving parts (for e.g. talent, locations, scheduling) & thus don't have a set production schedule. However, a typical live action explainer film timeline is 4-12 weeks.

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In our explainer video production company we make  top promotional film for firm/company that marry one of a kind creative, with carefully crafted messaging. Our screen play tell stories, simplify the complex, educate customers & humanize brands. We have produced content for everybody from Founders to the Fortune 500. And we are not just about clever concepts or stylish design. From the primary call to the ultimate file, our animated movie are built to satisfy the company objectives & deliver measurable results.

If it is an animated movie, we will probably roll in the hay . Having a successful online video strategy for company means producing tons of various sorts of  animated movie content, which is why we produce explainer movies,  top branding videos, TV spots, company story movies, screencast tutorials, top animated corporate video (min.30 second explainer video) customer testimonials,  company demo film, & much more. Our company specialize in various techniques including 2D & 3D animation, cel animation, motion graphics, stop motion, papercraft, live action, & screen casting. We are also happy to undertake claymation, puppetry, & whatever else you would possibly be in to 

Once we have completed several rounds of intense, nail biting negotiations (kidding!), We will want to find out everything we are able to about you & your company. During this point you will complete our creative brief & spend a while with our team on a discovery call. Then , the whole Creativaties team will get together to brainstorm some creative ways to present your story. Typically this ends up in 2-3 concepts for you to settle on from, but sometimes we’ll come to you with only one top killer idea. From there we’ll write a script & follow it up with a storyboard which will be approved by the client. Counting on the sort of project – animation or live action – we will dive into production & polish things off with sound & music design..

It depends.. An excellent screenplay takes time to produce an animated corporate video for your company, & we are not one for cutting corners or sacrificing quality. On average you will expect 2-10 weeks for production time, which doesn’t include the time required for your feedback & revisions, which may add a further 1-4 weeks (on average), Counting on the number & complexity of your requests, also as your feedback turnaround . Every project is exclusive , therefore the complexity will impact the time required for production. The rest depends on how quickly you provide feedback, what percentage revisions are requested, & the way complex the changes are.

Creating a minimum (30 second explainer video) will be a team effort & your collaboration is vital to produce a successful one. We glance at our clients as content experts, & successively ask them to trust us as the creative experts. At each step within the process you will have time for consolidated feedback through our formal revision policy short.

Our company Creativaties works a bit differently than a top standard movie  production business/company. While all of the creative direction, project management, & scripting is usually done in-house/company, we collaborate with top talented  designers, top directors, top animators, top composers, top voices, & top sound designers from around the world (& even some in our own office/company). Counting on what you are searching for, we will assemble a mini production team to bring it to life. This setup gives us the pliability to produce an endless range of designs & continually produce fresh, unique creative work.

We attempt to keep our movie as short & succinct as possible (30 sec -120 sec) while still conveying all of the required information. Often this suggests that our company can not cover everything your heart desires. But that’s okay. A video is supposed to offer viewers only enough information to urge them curious about taking subsequent step (e.g. signing up for an attempt , requesting more info etc.). 

For starters, get in touch & allow us to know what you are trying to find . Once we’ve a decent understanding of your top goals & objectives, we’ll provide a proper estimate. Assuming you approve, we will send across a screenplay Services Agreement along side an initial invoice for 50% of the project total. We will also provide an ingenious brief & schedule a kickoff call together with your dedicated project manager & creative director to review the materials before officially getting started.

The final video is yours. Full copyright details will be outlined in our Video Services Agreement.

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