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Your Paid Search Done Right — we’ll build targeted & relevant ad campaigns which targets new engaged, buying visitors; giving you a more predictable & scalable lead source.

Successful Biddable Media

When it involves advertising online, paid search should be in your arsenal. We’re experts with technical know-how with an ingenious edge and therefore the list of our successful paid search campaigns is longer than our arm. So if you are on the lookout for a pay per click (PPC) agency, keep reading…

Here at Creativaties, we thrive on PPC. We’re amazing at it. We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet, but seriously, we are so good. Whether your little start-up or a longtime multinational, as a PPC agency we’ve experience of making highly targeted paid search campaigns for companies across the planet in a range of industries.

So ask yourself: what’s rock bottom line for your business? If you’re looking to spice up traffic to your site, convert sales and gain an excellent ROI, then you ought to probably also ask yourself why Creativaties isn’t performing on your paid search campaign.

We have a plethora of biddable related services to suit every need & wants.

  • AdWords optimization and management
  • Remarketing
  • Bing ads management
  • Display
  • App marketing
  • PPC audits

Choose Creativaties

We have a team of AdWords & Bing Qualified experts ready to assist your business thrive online. With their technical, analytical and artistic abilities, your paid search campaign is going to be highly targeted and successful. Say hi and that we can discuss your PPC management requirements, plus the other pay per click services you’re considering.

Spread The Word With

Expert App Marketing Services

Promote your app to the audience that matters most — we will analyze, optimize & report which gets your app found by the people who matter; giving you increased interest, downloads & sales.

Ensure Your Apps Get Noticed

With people spending longer on mobile apps than using desktop computers or watching TV, it’s important to be seen on mobile devices.

But how does one stand call at a crowd when the typical user accesses on the average 24 apps per month? Well, it involves a blend of targeted press outreach & proven marketing tactics; a blend we have perfected. We do not roll in the hay shaken or stirred, just straight-up results.

Uncover Your Application’s Advocates

In order to perform well (and we would like you to perform well) your app must be expertly optimized and promoted. We can do this by working on:

  • App store optimization – Ensuring your app icon and page copy are fully optimized to assist search engines and users find your app and to drive more traffic within the process
  • Audience Analysis – In-depth audience research and persona development to ensure you’re targeting the proper users
  • Influencer Outreach – Liaising with influential publishers within your sector & establishing beneficial relationships with industry voices
  • Press Releases – Planning, creating and distributing targeted press releases to a good selection of trusted media sources to create interest and brand awareness
  • Social Seeding – Public promotion through various social interactions & updates, driving advance engagement

Paid Advertising

Drive app downloads through paid promotion on platforms like Google & Facebook. These sites dominate users time & revenue when it comes to mobile, so isn’t it time you started targeting these markets adequately?

We’ll create & manage optimized, clickable ads for your app, using targeted keywords supported in-depth audience research, specifically tailored to your business’s budget.

App Marketing Done Right

Whatever your app’s purpose, Creativaties has the talents and knowledge to deliver kick-ass marketing strategies.

Our extensive process is planned and scheduled together with your needs in mind, communicating results to you thru detailed reporting to make sure you’re maintained so far with all our promotional efforts.

Want to succeed in the proper audience for your app? Get in touch with us today.

Get Creative With

Remarketing and Retargeting

Stay within the Forefront of Your Customers Mind — we’ll use your audience’s details to remarket messages to them which re-engages audiences which will have previously lost interest; supplying you with a lower cost per conversion and increased life time value..

Increase Conversion Rate And Improve ROI

Tap into your customers’ psyche with remarketing & retargeting from  Creativaties . It’s clever, and that is why we like it.

If you’re unsure what these terms mean and that they just sound like new-fangled words that we’re throwing around, allow us to explain.

Remarketing & retargeting involves displaying ads to targeted users who have already visited your site. If they navigate far away from your site or handcart, remarketing enables you to urge a second bite at the pie, because it was. (We’d say cherry, but we prefer pie.)

Here’s How It Works

If a user visits your site and leaves without converting (on average 97% of consumers won’t convert on their first visit) then your advert can follow them as they view further websites, acting as a reminder of your site.

Don’t worry an excessive amount of when customers abandon your site because it might be right down to something as simple as getting distracted – so remarketing is that the better way of giving them a little nudge in the right direction. Or a big push. Depends on how big you go.

How Creativaties Will Help

We are a Google AdWords Certified Partner, so our Digital Marketing Executives (DME) are qualified with extensive experience in managing remarketing campaigns. We know tons about paid advertising – it’s one among our specialties.

Our team has the skill, creativity and drive to supply ads that get noticed, resulting in sales of your products and services. They use performance data to understand which ads work and which of them don’t, and that they know which websites are best to display your ads.

 What I mean is, if you need remarketing & retargeting, you need Creativaties.

Increase Exposure With

Display Advertising

We will Get Your Adverts Seen Across the online — we’ll build eye-catching display campaigns targeting your audience which builds brand awareness and equity to drive people to your site; giving you a new way of getting audience into your marketing funnel.

Targeted Advertising On Relevant Sites

Getting seen online is becoming harder & harder, isn’t it? Yet that’s no reason to forget the first online advertising method – display advertising. In actual fact, it is more cost effective & targeted now than ever.

Not only do our display advertising services enhance the exposure of your business, but also they will help deliver targeted traffic to your site. That’s because your adverts will only be displayed on the foremost relevant and suitable websites to your audience.

Pretty handy stuff.

How Display Advertising Works

In order for your display adverts to be effective, tons must enter them. Luckily, at  Creativaties we offer a lot. That means all you would like to try to is get in-tuned, and we’ll do the diligence for you. Here’s how:

  • Create – We will assist you with the creation of highly dynamic and effective adverts.
  • Optimize – We’ll constantly improve your message and its targeting to form every advert work.
  • Manage – Continued monitoring of even the best details to deliver a successful campaign.

None of this is often guesswork; we’re not into guessing games. We use statistical data to raised understand user activity and conversion trends. This will help to enhance targeting and increase the exposure of your business to those who’ll be most interested.

It’s intelligent advertising and we like intelligent.


Why Choose Creativaties

To get the foremost out of your campaigns, you would like to make sure they’re managed well. That’s where Creativaties are different. We are not just experienced – we are also dedicated to delivering ongoing results.

You will get first-class management from a friendly & helpful agency. You will have your own dedicated digital marketing executive that you simply can contact directly. So no more call centers or middlemen adding confusion – you will speak on to the person working for you.

We’re at the forefront of display advertising services, so we’ll confirm you benefit from:

  • Improved Display Marketing ROI
  • Increased number of website visits
  • Reduced budget wastage
  • Enhanced brand awareness

Whether you’ve got existing campaigns or you’re thinking of fixing new adverts, come and speak to those that live and breathe display advertising.

Trust us, you’ll get more from Creativaties

Take Advantage Of Bing PPC

Tap into Another Market; Google Isn’t the sole program — we’ll create campaigns to require a share of Bing’s search pie which finds new audiences at a reduced cost per click; supplying you with a lower cost per conversion and increased life time value..

Leapfrog Your Competitors, Gain The Advantage

Whilst the bulk of individuals use Google, Microsoft’s Bing remains one among the large players with a powerful share of the search market worldwide, generating an enormous amount of traffic – traffic that you simply can make a take advantage of. AdWords campaigns became increasingly competitive so you would like to possess your finger on the heartbeat.

How Does It Work?

Whether you’ve got existing adCenter campaigns or you’re looking to launch your very first one, let Creativaties achieve the simplest possible results for your business.

PPC campaigns allow you to advertise your website to users who are checking out words associated with your business. Whilst this makes campaigns highly targeted, you would like to form sure they’re managed effectively.

Creativaties Managed Bing Campaigns

Our PPC campaigns will help your website. We’re sure of it. Here’s how:

  • Additional revenue stream that your competitors have not capitalized on
  • Less competition means greater possibility of ads appearing at a lower cost & more clicks
  • We don’t take a percentage of ad spend so we are highly motivated to save lots of your money, not increase our commission
  • Campaigns are highly targeted, meaning you’ll get your ad shown within the right place to the proper person

It’s basically a no-brainer.

Let Creativaties Help You

We know how easy it’s to line up paid search accounts. We also know that you simply got to keep it up top of your campaigns. If you don’t, they simply won’t work and your money are going to be wasted.

It’s employment in itself; and that’s where we will help.

We’re alright qualified and experienced when it involves Bing Pay Per Click Management. Creativaties is an accredited member of Bing’s ad Excellence programmer, meaning our team have the talents to form your campaigns work. We’re also highly motivated to make you succeed.

Get in-tuned today to ascertain how we will help drive extra traffic from Bing. Bada bing, bada boom.

Choose Smarter with Google

Choose Smarter With Google

Ads Management

Waste Less and Make More with Our Help — we’ll target the proper people at the proper time with the proper bid which maximizes yours allow profitable conversions; giving you an ROI-focused AdWords strategy which will grow with you.

A Leading Google Ads Management Company

For paid search traffic, there is really nothing quite like Google AdWords. With over 90% of searches done on Google within the UK alone, it’s a reasonably good place to start out if you would like to drive targeted traffic to your site.

We’re sure you’re curious to know more and we don’t blame you, so let’s get to it.

Drive Targeted Traffic And Improve Profitability

Google Ads allows you to advertise your website to those checking out words related to your business. This makes it a highly targeted & hugely effective marketing platform. Simple, right? Well, only if it’s done properly.

AdWords is during a league of its own when it involves managing and optimizing campaigns. If you would like to achieve success during this, you would like workplace who knows a thing or two about AdWords.  fortunately, Creativaties knows a heck of tons quite just a thing or two – and it’s all because of our award-winning Google Ads management services.

Why Choose Creativaties

We know how important it’s for you to succeed online and that we go the space to assist drive traffic to your website. We also are ready to make real-time changes so we get immediate results for you, to not mention an awesome ROI. After all, it’s what we’re good at.

Our experienced Digital Marketing Executives are all AdWords qualified and ready to create highly targeted and optimized ads.

You need a Google AdWords agency that puts you initially and that’s what we do.

We Provide Your In-depth

PPC Audit

Let Us Tell You What Must Change — we’ll take a deep dive into data, analyzing your AdWords performance and identify areas of waste, inefficiency, growth and profit; giving you a comprehensive strategy building on growing what you’ve got.

Improve Your PPC Ads With A PPC Audit

Paid search may be a tough ol’ nut to crack. It’s nice and straightforward to line up accounts but it’s a special story when it involves making your campaigns profitable. And that’s what we want – profitable campaigns. So let’s look at how we can achieve this.

A PPC Audit from Creativaties goes to be your best bet. 

How Does It Work?

We will perform a radical analysis of your PPC campaigns, resolve any issues and obtain your adverts back on target. That’s what we do.

And this is how we’ll do it:

  • Thoroughly review your PPC campaigns
  • Identify ways to save money on your campaign
  • Pinpoint new keywords to target
  • Add negative keywords to give the account focus
  • Provide helpful, actionable optimization tips
  • Compile a comprehensive, yet understandable audit report

Nailing your PPC adverts takes effort and expertise. There’s a lot that goes in to them. So take a deep breath ,Creativaties got your back.

We’ll measure the press Through Rate (CTR), Bounce Rate and Conversion Rate. We’ll also establish the proper keyword bids, choose the simplest performing keywords and highlight negative keywords, suggest the proper match types, and an entire lot more. Phew, okay, exhale.

Why You Should Choose Creativaties

We’re pretty sure we’ve covered all the whys and how’s but if you continue to need convincing, here it goes: at Creativaties we offer you more. We take the time to elucidate any existing issues and therefore the best thanks to resolve them, and we’ll also provide you with recommendations and directions on the way to implement them. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you confused. We’re not about that.

You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing more about your PPC campaigns and you’ll be safe within the knowledge that you’ve got a bunch of experienced and passionate specialists delivering effective PPC adverts.

We’ve been optimizing and managing PPC campaigns for nearly a decade – that creates us feel old. But old and wise.

To get your paid adverts back on target, have a talk with us. 


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