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Today’s world runs on technology, especially applications. Whether you’re an Android or an iPhone user, the amount of applications & users for each application is increasing everyday. Many businesses see this as a chance to reach out to an outsized customer-base and build a name . Creativaties offers exceptional app development services. With a team of experts who specialise in various mobile development platforms & phases, our team also focuses on upgrading & arising with unique ideas for future endeavours too resulting in increasing customer interest & loyalty.

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Focus Areas

App Development, whether it’s an Android or IOS application, is important for any business. A number of aspects achieved through app development include:

  • Reinforces Brand
  • Builds Loyalty
  • Increases Accessibility
  • Gives Company a Platform to be Unique
  • Enhances Visibility
  • Creates an immediate Market Channel
  • Increases Reach and Customer-Base

Why Creativaties?

Creativaties features a team of pros specialized in app development, from coding, analysis, maintenance, and deployment of application. A number of of our services, when it involves IOS app development, includes:

  • Experienced Developers
  • Comprehensive End-to-End Services
  • In-House Coding
  • 24/7 Maintenance and Support Services

We are amazing in our approach, easy to work with & offer high level of service experience. If you’re looking for High Quality App Development Services


Yes, we’re available for a email  or call to discuss your app idea, whatever seems convenient to you.

Yes, an app can be easily developed for your website. We use APIs & cloud databases so the data will be synchronized across the website & mobile app as well.
Yes, we have years of experience & a team of experts in developing e-commerce apps for various single vendor or multi-vendor concepts. We have also built apps with latest technologies like AI & AR.
We can develop any kind of app based on your requirements. Let us connect to discuss this further.
Well, we develop app with one time cost as your mobile app agency. We donot prefer working on equity/partnership.
Yes, we can develop all sort of complicated applications with navigation functionality.
Yes, powerful mobile browser apps are built using latest technology called Progressive Web Apps(PWA), & we’re pretty good on it.

We are well-versed in developing apps with Flutter & React Native.

We follow proper encryption & latest data security techniques while developing an app to make it highly secure.

Yes, we’re comfortable to sign legal contracts when you hire us.

We sign mutual confidentiality agreement with our clients who are worried about protecting their app ideas, to give them surety that their ideas & project details are fully safe with us.

We do it in the following stages:

  • Analyzing your app idea
  • Understanding your business
  • Gather behavior, preferences, habit, etc., of the target audience.
  • Overview of the market scenario
  • Analyzing feasibility of your app
  • Planning architecture
  • Design amazing UI/UX
  • App programming
  • App testing to fix bugs & ensure its smooth functionality

We assign our best project managers with non-technical clients to help them understand the entire development process in different stages;

  • Prerequisite for app development : An app idea is the most important thing that’s necessary to develop a mobile app.
  • Analyzing and strategizing : These ideas are then analyzed considering business requirements, market needs, target audience, etc., to strategize the development process.
  • Designing : We keep the above factors in mind to decide features, UI and UX design of mobile apps.
  • Development : Once we complete the designing part, we proceed for coding and develop a final product following the app development strategy.
  • Client approval : Once we develop the end product, we send it for client approval.
  • Testing : After approval, we conduct testing for the end product to troubleshoot any technical glitches and ensure its proper function.

There’s no fixed cost of building a mobile app. The app development cost depends on many factors including purpose, functionality, features, use of visuals, development hours, team strength, etc.

Once you assign us with your app idea, we have a planned mechanism to keep you updated using the best project management tools. Our team keeps in touch with you to discuss various important things related to your projects and business. We keep you updated with even the smallest improvement related to your project and encourage you to share your feedback on the same.

We are flexible in following the right approach, depending on project requirements and complexity, in most cases we work on Agile and Waterfall Methodologies. Following the Agile method, we easily accommodate your change requests at every stage of development. In the Waterfall methodology, everything is fixed from scratch and we develop the product in a planned manner.
We follow a transparent communication process and interact with you frequently, at every stage of development with the latest updates related to your app development project.

You will be the sole owner of the source code, upon final payment

You will be responsible to pay for chargeable APIs and third-party services fees.

Yes, we have relevant experience in developing fitness apps.

We have developed social networking apps as well as dating apps with features like content sharing, engaging with content, follow/unfollow, messaging, add as friend/connection, communities, live streaming, and more.

Yes, we can develop a food ordering as well as food delivery application for your business.

Yes, we are highly-skilled in developing web applications along with the mobile application.


We are a creative bunch. We are the dreamers & the doers, the crazy and the cranky. We are not completely normal and we quite like that. We have vast experience in Digital Marketing, Animated Explainer Videos, SEO services, Web Design, Web Development, App Designing & App Development.

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